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Vitamin A unit conversion calculator

  • In writing about vitamin A and programs to reduce vitamin A deficiency, authors use different units to describe amounts of vitamin A in foods, in capsules, and as fortificants. Jay Ross of the LINKAGES project has prepared an easy-to-use vitamin A unit conversion calculator to help readers convert from one set of units to another so that they can compare what is being reported or proposed. To open the converter (an Excel file), click here.

Motivating Community Health Volunteers CHVs)

  • Recruiting and training Community Health Volunteers is not a new concept. Health programs have utilized CHVs to carry out a variety of health promotion, case management, and service delivery activities at the community level for several decades. CHVs can serve as a bridge between professional health staff and the community and help communities identify and address their own health needs. They can provide health system managers with information that may otherwise never reach them and can encourage those in the health system to understand and respond to community needs. CHVs can help mobilize community resources, act as advocates for the community, and build local capacity. The key, however, is keeping the CHVs motivated. The following publications and resources address the issues of motivating volunteers in the context of successful programs in the developing world.

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