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Vitamin A


Micronutrients (general)

  • Micronutrients Lead the Way: Making Gains in Nutrition and Health. Discusses options and strategies for improving micronutrient health in deficient populations. Provides details on USAID's efforts to reduce micronutrient deficiency through supplementation, fortification, and food-based programs. Updated in 2004 to include zinc as a significant public health issue. (no. 118).

Food Fortification

Fortification Basics
Various aspects of fortification covered in this series include technology, quality control, cost, and relevant legislation, along with a broad overview of the worldwide use and impact of food fortification. MOST continued this series begun by OMNI. 1997-1999

Choosing a Vehicle (no. 45)



Maize Flour/Meal (English) (no. 1)   PDF
Maize Flour/Meal (Spanish) (no. 124)   PDF
Milk (English) (no. 112)   PDF
Milk (Spanish) (no. 125)   PDF
Oils and Margarine (no. 44)   PDF
Principles of Assay Procedures (no. 43)   PDF
Stability (no. 110)   PDF  
Sugar (English) (no. 41)   PDF
Sugar (Spanish) (no. 41)   PDF
Wheat Flour (English) (no. 42)   PDF
Wheat Flour (Spanish) (no. 42)   PDF
Instant Noodles (no. 127)   PDF    


Vitamin A Sugar Fortification in Central America: Experience and Lessons Learned. This publication documents the advocacy and promotion of sugar fortification to reduce the prevalence of vitamin A deficiency, the evolution of sugar fortification technology, and the implementation of sugar fortification programs in Central America. Specific reference is made to the sugar fortification efforts in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. 2000 (no. 114)  English PDF  Spanish PDF

Manual for Sugar Fortification with Vitamin A, 2nd ed. (also in Spanish). 1996 (no. 16) (files in PDF format)
Part 1: Technical and operational guidelines for preparing vitamin A premix and fortified sugar
Part 2: Guidelines for the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of a vitamin A sugar fortification program
Part 3: Analytical methods for the control and evaluation of sugar fortification with vitamin A

Manual for Wheat Flour Fortification with Iron. 2000 (no. 115)  (files in PDF format)
Part 1: Guidelines for the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of a program for wheat flour fortification with iron
Part 2: Technical and operational guidelines
Part 3: Analytical methods for monitoring wheat flour fortification with iron