Southern Sudan

A2Z Southern Sudan Map and Statistics

Sudan underwent many years of civil strife and upheaval leading to widespread nutrition problems that constrain rapid and equitable social and economic recovery. The Ministry of Health is in its nascent stages, and nutrition policies and guidelines have not been developed or finalized to guide nutrition interventions. The A2Z project was invited by the Director of the Nutrition Unit to assist the Ministry of Health of Southern Sudan to carry out a ‘pre-assessment’ visit to review the current micronutrient situation and programs to address micronutrient deficiencies.

Situational Analysis
In 2007 an A2Z team conducted a situational analysis and presented a debriefing workshop on the current situation on nutrition/micronutrients. Participants included the Ministry of Health staff and representatives from the Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Finance, UN agencies, and NGOs working in food and nutrition in the country.

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Mapping Exercise
A2Z also helped map nutrition activities in selected States of South Sudan. The team collected data on the activities of implementing partners and their coverage; assessed available human resources; gathered information on the health system and coordination; collected guidelines, protocols, and strategies currently in use; and provided recommendations for action. Severe constraints to programming were highlighted such as the vast distances between health units, the poor physical conditions of health facilities, and the scarcity of road-worthy transportation.

The MOH Nutrition Director has identified an urgent need to develop a comprehensive nutrition package of services and support based on carefully targeted achievable actions for county offices and primary health care units.