Announcement: Request for Letters of Interest – A2Z: The USAID Micronutrient and Child Blindness Project


A2Z: The USAID Micronutrient and Child Blindness Project is pleased to announce the following Request for Letters of Interest (R-LOI) under the A2Z Child Blindness Program. Guidelines and application materials are attached.  Please review these documents carefully, as we have made some adjustments to application procedures, program priorities, funding levels, and application requirements. Submissions are due October 15, 2009.

This cycle (“Cycle V”) of grant funding will focus on:

Service Delivery (SD) Grants: SD grants focus on high-impact projects which deliver eye care services primarily to children and other vulnerable populations. This R-LOI is exclusively for the Service Delivery (SD) Grant category. (The Child Blindness Program is not issuing ‘Organizational Development’ grants at this time.) SD grants may not exceed $400,000 over an 18 month period of activity. The preferred funding level for programs during this cycle is $200,000 to $400,000.

Please e-mail if you have any questions or difficulty with these files.

Thank you,

A2Z Child Blindness Program


Click here for Service Delivery Grant Proposal Guidelines.

Click here for the Service Delivery Grants Cover Sheet.