Regional Capacity Building Workshops

In 2011, USAID’s A2Z Child Blindness Program, in collaboration with the International Eye Foundation (IEF), facilitated a series of Regional Capacity Building Workshops in Program Design for Pediatric Eye Care Interventions in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  The workshops were designed by A2Z and IEF to cover best practices in program design for pediatric eye care interventions within each regional context.  The workshops were hosted, and co-facilitated, by A2Z Child Blindness Grantee organizations that are also recognized regional training centers. 

The objectives for the workshop participants were:

  1. To develop or enhance practical skills in designing effective and efficient programs for pediatric eye care interventions.
  2. To establish relationships with other pediatric eye care organizations operating in the region.
  3. To learn from participants’ experience and develop suggestions to inform future programs.

Many organizations that had indicated an interest in the A2Z Child Blindness Program in the past were invited to propose up to three participants.  Attendees included representatives from current and past A2Z Child Blindness grantee organizations, prior grant applicants and those already working in pediatric eye care in the region and ranged from surgeons, optometrists and nurses to administrators, community health workers, researchers and other child health advocates.   

The general presentations and resources offered at each workshop are included below.


A2Z Child Blindness Program Overview

International Eye Foundation Overview

Program Design


Program Design Resources:

On-Line Resource Document

Program Design and Logic Model Resource Links

Community Toolbox ( is an excellent resource for program design information – they have a particularly robust section on Logic Models.

Community Toolbox also has information on strategic planning tools like VMOSA (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Action Plans).

The University of Wisconsin – Extension Program Development and Evaluation section has an excellent website with a lot of tools and guidance for program design and logic models.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation has a Logic Model Development Guide that is widely recognized as one of the best as well.

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has quite a bit of information on Results Based Management Tools.

The A2Z Child Blindness Program Manager made a presentation on the Regional Capacity Building Workshops at the A2Z Child Blindness Program 2011 Final Partners Meeting, click here to view the presentation.

Regional Workshops in:



Latin America